Reviews for Perfect Bound

“All the resources and professional insights needed to take your book from ‘written’ to ‘published.’ ... Perfect Bound takes the guesswork out of each step [of book production] and provides all the basics. ... [Pickett’s] follow-through is exactly why novice writers need her book. ”
D. Donovan, e-book reviewer, Midwest Book Review
“The publishing industry can be difficult to navigate, even for the most seasoned professionals. For self-publishers or those new to the process, having an experienced guide is critical. Katherine Pickett’s Perfect Bound is an indispensable resource for anyone who dreams of making it on his or her own.”
Adam Motin, managing editor, Triumph Books
“This authoritative, step-by-step, behind-the-scenes tour of the book publishing process is essential reading for new authors. For already published authors, too, and for the reading public at large, it provides a useful eye-opener to what usually takes years to learn about the many actions needed to shepherd a book from the initial idea stage to the reader’s favorite bookstore. Perfect Bound is a treasure trove of practical advice for aspiring authors and others who want to understand what it takes to get a book published.”
Warren H. Phillips, former executive editor and publisher of
The Wall Street Journal, co-publisher of Bridge Works,
and author of Newspaperman

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